Denis xTane, also known as Zrmpa, is a multi-talented artist who excels as a producer, DJ, and musician. Embarking on his artistic journey in 2013, Zrmpa swiftly made a name for himself as a skilled DJ, gracing diverse events with his captivating performances. He specializes in crafting atmospheric electronic compositions across a wide spectrum of genres, including Dubstep, Midtempo, Techno, Drum'n'Bass, and Trap. Constantly pushing the boundaries of sound, Zrmpa fearlessly experiments, resulting in the creation of his own distinctive sonic identity.

In 2019, Zrmpa unveiled his groundbreaking album, "Way," an experimental masterpiece where each track showcased a remarkable fusion of genres and soundscapes. This release was swiftly followed by a series of other albums, such as "Galaxy Generation," "Path," "Penult," and "Generation 2k18." Collaborating with a myriad of talented artists, Zrmpa has worked alongside luminaries such as Ahry, jara aka ynvag, Matstem, Skellwis, ident, GVA2203 aka Regnetaise, Hani Koi, Yuukari, Zelipha, Easy5tyle, ViZon, and countless others.

Furthermore, Zrmpa has ventured into a second project called "Crystal Flower," a captivating exploration of genres like Progressive House, Neotrance, Nu Disco, and Ambient. Within this realm, he expertly crafts enchanting melodies and immersive sonic landscapes, captivating listeners with his artistry.